jeju breakfast


During the jeju trip, we stayed at an airbnb where the owner actually served breakfast. It was simple but delicious, and his little kitchen cafe nook was very cute.




uyu budan


My first trip to Jeju! I was very excited to check out all the cafes I had seen on instagram… and then I realised the island is much bigger than I thought. But when we were cutting across to the other side for a walk along the coast, I quickly found an ice cream shop on mango plate. We decided to make a pit stop and found out uyu budan is part of a farm run by a missionary(?). The milk ice cream is icy but smooth. It was good but frankly expensive for farm ice cream. I’m not sure why they’ve hiked up the prices so much… Hopefully my next trip will have more time for a better cafe visit.

初めてのジェジュ島。行きました!インスタで度々見かけたカフェに行くのが楽しみだったが、島は思ったよりデカかった。でも横切って反対側の海岸で散歩しようと思った時、mango plateでアイス屋を見つけたので、急遽寄ってみました。ここは宣教者(?)が持っている牧場で小さいアイス屋の営業も行っています。ミルクアイスクリームはちょっとシャリシャリだけど滑らか。でも正直に言うと高い。牧場アイスクリームでこの値段は理解できませんね。何故こんなに高いのでしょう。。。次回の旅行はもっといいカフェを探そう

italian gelato


Italy equals gelato, of course! This was the one thing that did not disappoint throughout my trip. Almost every store, I tried the pistachio with one other flavour that would be hard to find in Korea. Rich, creamy, the waffle cookie… and best of all cheap!! Even though I got tired of the pasta, I couldn’t get tired of the gelato. And I learned a good lesson in pistachio gelato with a 5 flavour tasting at a Gelateria in Bologna.

1: pistachio & water (a little gritty)
2: 70% imported pistachio/30% Sicilian pistachio & milk (good pistachio gelato)
3: 100% Sicilian pistachio (amazing pistachio gelato)
4: pistachio base (not the real thing and just sweet. this is not artisanal gelato)
5: 100% salty Sicilian pistachio (almost like a meal and also delicious).


1: ピスタチオと水(ナッツのジャリジャリ食感)
2: 7割輸入3割シシリアンとミルク(美味しい)
3: 100%シシリアン(圧倒的)
4: ピスタチオベース(ピスタチオの味がほぼせず、ただ甘い)
5: 100%塩シシリアン(食事っぽい感じ、でやっぱり美味しい)



italian breakfast


At the end of March, I made my first trip to Italy! We ate a lot of pasta, croissants, and gelato, so I’ve decided to condense things to one drawing (sorry, being lazy). One slight disappointment with Italian breakfasts, was that it’s always the same. Croissant and coffee. I thought there might be various morning pastries, but almost everywhere is just croissants from plain to strawberry to chocolate… I’m sorry but France has better pastries. But my foodie partner and I agree that the price is cheap! Cheap but good coffee and croissants for 1 euro.




Although this day I found out a friend was returning to the states, we enjoyed our lunch date with fancy dessert. It’s a small modern cafe with limited seating (luckily we managed to grab seats after waiting a minute). There are many types of kougl(?) a small round poundcake and different small fancy cakes. I chose the double vanilla tart which many recommended on mango plate. The tart is crunchy like the texture of a chocolate crunch bar. The vanilla is a smooth mousse custard. My friend’s kougl was ok but not really my style. This is another one of those small pricey dessert shops in gangnam that I don’t plan to frequent. But if you are in the area with a friend, why not?



napoleon bakery


I’ve been to Napoleon during one of my early visits, and their bread and desserts are always good. And finally, there is one closer to us! My foodie partner stopped by after work and surprised me with their pink box for an after dinner treat several times. The strawberry shortcake is never disappointing but another very good choice is the creme choux. The choux is soft but crispy and filled with a delicious creamy vanilla creme. It’s a very satisfying size (and more filling than expected). Even though it’s a little difficult to eat, this is one of the best (fancy) creme choux I’ve ever eaten!


a cote du parc

mogumogu_10.jpgAbout a month ago, when the weather was still unbearable, we decided to take a drive to the other side of Seoul near Seongsu & Seoul Forest. There was a cafe I wanted to try but still hadn’t because of the location. Even by train, this cafe isn’t very easy to access but in the warmer months, it would be worth it because of the park right next door. The cafe itself is actually two cafes. A cote du parc is the bakery, with many french style pastries, & right next door is the coffee house. I bought a little pistachio thing and a lemon cake (to eat later), and we went over next door to sit and order a drink. My foodie partner went for the Irish bailey, which is just what you think – coffee and some liquor. Too strong for me, but he said it wasn’t. The pastry was ok but a bit expensive. The lemon cake I tried the next day was better with very cute packaging.

Personally, I don’t think I need to make the trek all the way here again. But if you’re in the neighborhood, a good place to chat with a friend or take a break.

まだ気温が寒い時期にソウルの反対側、ソンス•ソウル森、までドライブに行きました。前から行ってみたかったカフェに寄りました。電車でも行きずらいけど、暖かい時には公園もすぐ横なので、良いかもしれません。カフェ自体は二つあり、a cote du parcはパン屋の方で、すぐ横かコーヒーです。私はピスタチオのなんとかとレッモーンケーキ(翌日に食べました)を頼み、隣のカフェで飲み物を頼みました。彼はアイリッシュベーリー、名前通りのコーヒーとアルコール。私には強かったけど、彼曰く強くないそうです。ピスタチオのデザートはまぁまぁでちょっと高い。翌日のレモンケーキはパッケージも可愛く味も良かった。



dagwa sangsa 2

mogumogu_9.jpgSince dagwa sangsa is located nearby, we’ve stopped by twice since already. One time the strawberry shortcake I wanted to try was available. They also have monthly rotating coffee, so S chose the strawberry jam. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, I can’t say it tasted good but it smelled fruity. The strawberry shortcake was much better but they skimp on the strawberry slices. The cake must use a nut flour since it tasted a little peanut which I personally enjoyed. We’ve also tried the cookies (chocolate chip & peanut butter) several times. It’s good, but on the crunchy side. So chewy cookie lovers, these cookies aren’t for you.


cafe kiiro


Cafe Kiiro is a small 2nd floor space in dehakro. I came across it on Instagram awhile ago but thinking it was located just outside of Seoul, I never visited it. Recently I realized it was actually in an accessible area! So my foodie partner and I grabbed lunch at hoho skidang (slightly overpriced but good japanese food), followed by dessert at cafe kiiro. There are only a few tables, and even though it’s a cafe, the employees seat you with a menu. There is one rotating seasonal dessert which was strawberry sandwich at the time. I was hoping for something else but this looked like the best option compared to the regular desserts. My foodie partner ordered a vienna coffee. Personally I thought the whipped cream was great, but S said it was too much both in the dessert and coffee.

The space is cozy and the food good for female taste buds but it’s not a space where you can stay long when it’s crowded. Other customers start arriving and it feels awkward seeing them have to leave because the employee tells them there are no seats left and no estimated wait time. But if you go at a quieter time, it’s a great place to chat with a girl friend.




Heading back from Ediya coffee lab, we decided to eat dinner at Ichon on the way home. Ichon is supposed to Japan Town but it doesn’t particularly feel like there are a lot of Japanese restaurants. There is one well-known place which we tried…. and it was very busy and over priced. In general, I don’t recommend looking for Japanese food in Ichon. I hoped there might be some dessert but options are slim excluding the chain stores.

We did find Teistreet at the end of the road. There are several types of cake options but we went with the classic strawberry short cake. We ended up eating this the next day but it was pretty good. Soft fluffy cake with light whipped cream. Classic. I wouldn’t go all the way to Ichon just to buy the cake, but if you’re in the area and crave dessert, it’s not a bad choice.



ediya coffee lab


New Years Eve, S wanted to feel productive so we went to check out Ediya Coffee Lab. Ediya is a coffee chain store all over Korea. It’s one of the cheaper coffees, but the Coffee Lab is a change from the usual small franchise. It’s a huge 2 floor space in the Ediya Office, with a dark and fashionable interior. There’s a barista bar and a whole array of breads and cakes on display. The cakes looked enticing so we ordered the strawberry tart and devil’s cake with our drinks.

Our drinks were great – S ordered a vienna coffee type drink and I ordered milk tea. Our cakes were… in need of some improvement. The tart was chewy instead of crispy and the devil’s cake was a bit tough with too much frosting. It’s a great space to study though so I would recommend only getting a drink and avoid the food.



cafe knotted

mogumogu_5.jpgAfter taking care of some tax questions, we stopped by Gangnam for lunch. Since the area is full of cafes, I treated myself to some cake after. I had noticed this cafe before and found out the cakes were popular after searching for reviews online.

It’s definitely pricey, but the cakes look fancy and abundantly use some ingredients rare in Korea (they even had an avocado mousse cake!). I chose pistachio raspberry which was a cake heavy with pistachio cream and with some raspberries sandwiched inside. Personally I wished it was only pistachio because the raspberries overpower the light pistachio taste. But S thought it was a good contrast to have. After quickly devouring it, I ended up ordering another cake! This time strawberry mountain which was decorated with thin strawberry slices and whip cream with a strawberry flavored mousse like texture on the inside. It tasted delicate but not quite satisfying too…

Personally, I wouldn’t go here again. The cakes are good with a nice variety but the price is just too much. If you’re looking for something special for a house gift/party, these would be great though.