PUBLIC eat + drink


Right before I left the states, I took a trip to MassMOCA in North Adams. If you like contemporary art (especially Sol Lewitt), it’s worth a trip in the fall. The space is great and the foliage is beautiful with crisp air. Unfortunately, there aren’t many eating options in the town. Luckily, there is a great restaurant a quick walk away from the museum called Public eat + drink. It was pretty busy on a Saturday afternoon, so my parents and I had to wait about half an hour.

We ordered soup, truffle fries, flatbread, and falafel wrap. Everything tasted fresh using seasonal foods. The flatbread was thin and crispy with ample toppings. The best part was the truffle fries with aioli sauce. Flavourful with a nice crunch. They were delicious dipped in the aioli sauce or ketchup (assuming homemade), or eating as is.

I won’t go to North Adams often since it’s a long drive but when I visit MassMOCA again, it will definitely be a strong lunch choice.

アメリカを経つ前に、ノースアダムズにあるMassMOCAに行きました。現代美術が好きな人にはオススメです(特にソール・ルウィットが好きな方)。美術館の空間も素敵で、秋には紅葉と空気がきれいです。ただ、町の中にはレストランが少ない。でも、歩いて数分の場所に、Public eat + drinkというレストランがあります。土曜日の午後でもまだ混んでいて、両親と30分ぐらい待ちました。