mikage takasugi


After shopping, we decided to buy food and cake at the department basement before heading back to my cousin’s home. Mikage Takasugi, where we bought our cakes, is apparently famous for it’s strawberry short cake. It was a huge slice and I really wanted to try it but because of the size and price, decided on the marron cream cake instead. It was very good with a crunchy crust bottom.

After a short but long 2 weeks in Japan, it was time to go back to Seoul where my sick foodie partner was waiting.



mother leaf tea style


My last stop for my Japan trip was Osaka. My cousin and her husband always let me stay at their apartment and take care of me during my stay. This time was no different and my cousin took me shopping at Nishinomiya gardens. Since it was during peak lunch hour, the restaurant floor was completely full so we decided to eat at a cafe instead. The seasonal salad was better than expected and included a waffle dessert. I couldn’t find a good winter coat, but I bought lots of household goods and shirts from my favorite store graniph.