aunt’s bakery

I forgot to remind my aunt I wanted to learn bread making this time, but we still got to eat her bread! This time was anko bread with a little bit of sakura leaf which gave a nice saltiness to the sweet red bean. And a chocolate chip bread!




On our last day in Japan, my mom and I headed into Takamatsu by ourselves taking the train. There’s a local gift shop that seemed perfect for buying gifts that would be different than the usual ones from the airport. We forgot this is the countryside though so the train only comes every 20 minutes! We ended up running to the station and just made it seconds before the doors closed.

It was well worth the trip though since we found good food presents. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best location for lunch since the main shopping area was a little too far to walk through. So we decided to go to Gusto, a family restaurant kind of like Denny’s but with a bigger menu, to eat something small. My mom chose strawberry mascarpone pancake and I went with coffee jelly. It was cheap but way too sweet. I felt nauseous afterwards. But finally my first experience at a family restaurant in Japan!

We realized the train only comes once an hour after noon and hurriedly went back to the train station. And when we got off, we realized Kamado (a wagashi store) would have been a better place for us to have tea…





grandpa’s garden

mogumogu_052917.jpgMy grandpa has a nice garden in the back of the house where he experiments growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. When I was little, I wasn’t so interested but as I became an adult, I started to realize the importance of fruit and vegetables. So whenever I visit, it’s exciting to see what can be eaten this time. Also, my grandpa is kind of impatient, so he’s pulling out plants and planting something new pretty often too.

This time, there were strawberries, spinach, and snow peas. Even a few biwa and this weird red thing called gumi (pretty but tasted bad). And the tomatoes and green plums were just starting to ripen. This year there was also zucchini in the summer and the avocado tree has been steadily growing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb… my foodie partner and I have killed almost all of our plants… but I hope someday I can grow a small garden like my grandpa.





mogumogu_052817.jpgIt’s been awhile since my last post! I was a bit distracted with some things going on but finally back to eating.

To continue my Japan trip (3 months ago!), during my stay in Kagawa, my aunt took us to a cake shop as always. On our way back from shopping in Takamatsu, we stopped by a shop I hadn’t been to before. My aunt and her husband seem to know all of the cake shops like the back of their hand!

This shop was famous for their roll cake and won an award 2 or 3 years ago. My mom was hoping to eat strawberry shortcake but sadly, it was already sold out. So she went with the house roll cake and I chose the strawberry tart. Later that night, we both enjoyed our cakes while my grandpa watched chuckling as always. I miss how easy it is to find cake in Japan and it’s so much cheaper than Korea…


日本旅行の続き(3ヶ月も前の!)… 香川にいた間、もちろんおばさんがケーキ屋に連れてくれました!高松でショッピングの帰りに行った事のないケーキ屋に寄りました。今回の店はロールケーキが有名みたいで、2〜3年前に賞を獲ってました。お母さんはイチゴショートケーキが食べたかったけど、もう売り切れだったのでロールケーキを選び、私はイチゴタルト。その晩、おじいちゃんがわらない柄、二人で美味しくケーキをいただきました。



mogumogu_052817x.jpgOn the weekend, my aunt and her husband took us out to Takamatsu for some shopping. My mom hoped to find some accessories to wear with her new dress. Unfortunately, after coming from Osaka, the shops were meager in comparison. Instead I bought some local snacks for gifts and ate some yummy gelato. But before all of that, we ate lunch at Kagawa’s famous Ikkaku!

Most people think of udon when they think of Kagawa prefecture. But for locals, Ikkaku – a roasted chicken restaurant, is one of the other famous foods. Even though it’s on the salty side, the chicken comes with cabbage and rice balls. Perfect to dip in the chicken juices! There’s also a chicken broth based soup which feels a bit too much after eating a huge piece of chicken. But if it was a side soup to a traditional Japanese meal, it would be delicious. I wouldn’t be able to eat this often, but if I’m crazy chicken this would be perfect to satisfy.



grandma & grandpa’s

mogumogu_052717.jpgAfter a day and half in Osaka, my mom and I headed down to Kagawa to see my grandparents and aunt. Unfortunately, my grandma’s health and memory has been declining but it’s always good to spend time with family. We spent about 5 days helping clean up my grandparents house and hanging out with my grandma.

Although the countryside gets boring fast, one nice is thing is how the neighbors share food and there always seem to be lots of fruit. My grandma’s friend and neighbor gave a couple boxes full of hassaku, a tart slightly large clementine. And as a thank you for the chocolates from the US, the next door neighbor left a melon. My grandpa also grew strawberries which were tiny but still sweet.



grandparents house


Ever since I can remember, breakfast at my grandparents house is always the same. Rice, a fried egg (or raw egg), miso soup, natto, mozuku, and a bunch of pickled side dishes. Occasionally a piece of salmon or other cooked fish. My grandpa would always mix the natto and mozuku into his miso soup. I am not used to eating so much in the morning since I would eat an apple and eat something else later in the day. I tend to take out one thing each day (maybe the rice or natto or mozuku) and my grandma would complain that I wasn’t eating enough. Even though I can’t eat much in the morning, it’s nice to have a traditional Japanese breakfast whenever I visit my grandparents.

This time was no different but I caught a cold during my stay. Luckily, my cold didn’t spread and I felt better by the time I moved on to my next stop – Kyoto!




A surprisingly full flight to Takamatsu airport, I got off the plane to find my grandma waiting with my aunt. We piled into the car as my aunt’s husband drove us to my grandparents house. My aunt knows I love sweets and her family (I think her husband especially) likes to try out different cake stores. My aunt is also really good at baking bread and has a bread baking teaching license. So we made a pit stop at Lowe, a bakery that is not only famous in Kagawa, but apparently in Japan too. I decided to go with a classic strawberry short cake and my aunt chose the seasonal fruit roll to take home.

That night, my cousin who is currently back in Takamatsu, joined us for nabe dinner. Of course the men, sat at the table doing nothing as the women prepared the food and set the table. After they left, my grandparents and I tried the strawberry short cake for dessert. Japanese strawberry short cake is one of my favorite cakes and this one did not disappoint. My aunt left an extra fruit roll for me to eat too.  This was much better than I expected and I wished I ate it slower.