jeju breakfast


During the jeju trip, we stayed at an airbnb where the owner actually served breakfast. It was simple but delicious, and his little kitchen cafe nook was very cute.




italian gelato


Italy equals gelato, of course! This was the one thing that did not disappoint throughout my trip. Almost every store, I tried the pistachio with one other flavour that would be hard to find in Korea. Rich, creamy, the waffle cookie… and best of all cheap!! Even though I got tired of the pasta, I couldn’t get tired of the gelato. And I learned a good lesson in pistachio gelato with a 5 flavour tasting at a Gelateria in Bologna.

1: pistachio & water (a little gritty)
2: 70% imported pistachio/30% Sicilian pistachio & milk (good pistachio gelato)
3: 100% Sicilian pistachio (amazing pistachio gelato)
4: pistachio base (not the real thing and just sweet. this is not artisanal gelato)
5: 100% salty Sicilian pistachio (almost like a meal and also delicious).


1: ピスタチオと水(ナッツのジャリジャリ食感)
2: 7割輸入3割シシリアンとミルク(美味しい)
3: 100%シシリアン(圧倒的)
4: ピスタチオベース(ピスタチオの味がほぼせず、ただ甘い)
5: 100%塩シシリアン(食事っぽい感じ、でやっぱり美味しい)



italian breakfast


At the end of March, I made my first trip to Italy! We ate a lot of pasta, croissants, and gelato, so I’ve decided to condense things to one drawing (sorry, being lazy). One slight disappointment with Italian breakfasts, was that it’s always the same. Croissant and coffee. I thought there might be various morning pastries, but almost everywhere is just croissants from plain to strawberry to chocolate… I’m sorry but France has better pastries. But my foodie partner and I agree that the price is cheap! Cheap but good coffee and croissants for 1 euro.


aunt’s bakery

I forgot to remind my aunt I wanted to learn bread making this time, but we still got to eat her bread! This time was anko bread with a little bit of sakura leaf which gave a nice saltiness to the sweet red bean. And a chocolate chip bread!


grandpa’s garden

mogumogu_052917.jpgMy grandpa has a nice garden in the back of the house where he experiments growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. When I was little, I wasn’t so interested but as I became an adult, I started to realize the importance of fruit and vegetables. So whenever I visit, it’s exciting to see what can be eaten this time. Also, my grandpa is kind of impatient, so he’s pulling out plants and planting something new pretty often too.

This time, there were strawberries, spinach, and snow peas. Even a few biwa and this weird red thing called gumi (pretty but tasted bad). And the tomatoes and green plums were just starting to ripen. This year there was also zucchini in the summer and the avocado tree has been steadily growing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb… my foodie partner and I have killed almost all of our plants… but I hope someday I can grow a small garden like my grandpa.






Time flies – it’s already June! I finished my second semester of Korean school and took another trip to Japan to visit relatives. With the first half of the year coming to an end, I’m hoping to make some progress on my goals for the year. And find a dress!




The weather is suddenly much warmer now. Strawberries will be out of season soon too. We went strawberry picking this year which I’ll write about later. And the wedding venue is set as well!




It’s April! I hope no one was tricked yesterday. If you’re in Korea, be careful of the pollution. I got a sore throat which led to congested sinuses. Onions are supposed to help but I prefer honey and radish water.

Another news: we are starting to prepare for our wedding. I’ll have updates soon.





March is kiwis!

Korea also sells golden kiwis. I’ve tried it once and it was delicious! But when I saw them at a department store supermarket, the price made me stop.





February is lemons!

I like to use lemons for simple salad dressing or in baking. But I never use enough so they quickly shrivel up in the fridge…

Also, I forgot to post the January calendar so it’s included in the bottom.