simmered eggs & radish


simmered eggs & radish

I wonder why I made this… I must have a lot of radish to use up. Or maybe my foodie partner was having a bad stomach day and I wanted to make something easy to digest. Anyways, it was a good easy classic simmered Japanese dish. Feels hearty but not heavy. Probably more of a fall/winter food rather than in this warm weather though.



pot au feu


pot au feu

Lately, I’ve been into buying huge cabbages from the local grocery near our apartment. And to use it up, pot au feu has become my go to recipe since I already have most ingredients on hand. It’s a simple and good way to get more vegetables into your diet. Of course the flavor all comes down to the consommé base. It doesn’t really work for lunch, but I think a couple days worth of dinner for busy single people.



cheong nyeon jang sankkun


I’ve been to this place numerous time, but their fries are delicious!!! There are only two types, basic and cajun. Personally the cajun is much better because it’s thin cut and crispy, rather than the basic thick wedge style. But the best part is the 12+ different sauces to choose from. I like the house sauce best but you can’t really go wrong with any of them. They also have sweet potato fries (so-so), chicken tenders (must get!), and cheese sticks (I’m not a big cheese person, but also good). The service is really good, and the atmosphere is cozy too. They serve beer in measuring cups which is fun too. They don’t open until 4pm because it’s more of a drinking place, but if you go before 7, they’ll size up your fries. The business model is pretty great too, since the servers are hired as actual employees rather than part time. I can enjoy my fries knowing I’m supporting a good business 🙂

ここでは何回か寄ってるけど、とにかくポテトフライがうまい!フライは二種類、オリジナルとケージャン。好み的には細くてパリパリなケージャンスタイルが厚切りのオリジナルよりは好き。でも一番いいところは、12 種類以上のソース。ハウスソースが一番美味しいと思うけど、どれを選んでも間違いはない。あとはさつまいもフライ(まぁまぁ)、チキンテンダー(必須!)、チースステック(大量のチーズは苦手だけど、美味しい)。サービスも良くて、雰囲気も居心地いい。ビールは計量カップに注いで面白い。一応飲み屋なので4時過ぎまで開かないが、7時前に行くと、フライのサイズをサービスとして、サイズアップします。ビジネスモデルもいいです。スタッフはアルバイトではなくちゃんと社員として雇います。いい営業を応援しながらフライを楽しめられところもポイントです。

strawberry picking


My first strawberry picking experience in Korea! Near my foodie partner’s parents house, we passed by a bunch of strawberry farms earlier in the year. So a couple weeks later, we decided to pick some strawberries!

So delicious! It felt a little weird to eat non-refrigerated strawberries, but still some of the sweetest I’ve ever tried. All the strawberries had to fit inside the containers so I carefully chose different sizes to take full advantage. There was a woman who piled up huge strawberries but ended up having to eat them because the container couldn’t close!



sweet & spicy tofu steak


sweet & spicy tofu steak

When I was living in New York, this was a dish I would make often for lunch. It’s pretty simple although a bit messy with the potato starch. One key point I’ve realized is after coating the tofu, it’s better to put it on the heated pan right away so that starch doesn’t come off the tofu and crisps nicely. Although with the sauce, it’s not crispy in the end anyways. If you don’t want a spicy sweet sauce, you can eat the fried tofu dipped in a soy sauce ground ginger mix.



apple yogurt cake


I’ve always been more of a baker since I was little. But the funny thing was that I could never bake pre-made baking mixes – they always turned out bad. I remember my cousin and I tried to use a brownie mix and they came out rock hard! But whenever I baked from scratch, the outcome was tasty.

My mom isn’t a frequent baker but the desserts she made were always easy and delicious. One of her repeat recipes for pot luck parties was an apple yogurt cake. It’s very moist and the apples add a nice soft crunch. I’ve since baked this cake countless of times and it’s always popular with everyone. Instead of regular yogurt, I use greek yogurt to add more density. Even if you use regular yogurt, straining the water overnight should have a similar texture.



fried rice


When I feel like the dinner menu I planned is lacking, I make fried rice for my foodie partner. Or if I’m lazy, his lunch will be fried rice.  Of course I can’t make the perfect consistency like a chinese restaurant, but I think I’ve gotten it down so it tastes pretty good. I also have a magic condiment called tori gara (chicken) soup base! I buy a msg free one so it’s not msg either.  My other trick is mixing the rice with mayo too. Of course, if you’re on a diet, not the best to do. But helps make the rice less sticky.


sweet potato


sweet potato

Sweet potato season is probably ending soon. We recently bought a lot of sweet potatoes from a lady with a sweet potato truck. And now I need to find some recipes to use up the pile. Steamed, boiled, baked potatoes are good but can get tiring after awhile. As much as I like sweet potato breads and cookies, they don’t use up a lot at once.

Here’s a simple quick recipe that’s easy and popular for dinner parties.







I didn’t help my mom often in the kitchen when I was little, but the one time I did was when we made pancakes. I think we used pancake mix back then but now it’s from scratch. We rarely make pancakes anymore but when a friend sleeps over pancakes is always for breakfast. Sometimes I like to arrange by putting in bananas or chocolate chips.  Since pancakes are so easy to make, I rarely order it but if it’s a souffle type or special sauce, I will try it.

I also noticed most people pour maple syrup over their pancakes but I like to cut first and dip. I think this might be a division like a do you mix your curry first or not.




simmered pumpkin


simmered pumpkin

In Japan, simmered pumpkin or kabocha no nimono is a common winter side dish. When I was living on my own in New York, I started making this since it reminded me of the food I would eat growing up. I always thought it would be hard to make but it’s not. Just make sure to use Japanese kabocha since American pumpkin does not taste good. Whenever I make pumpkin sweets I always use Japanese kabocha too.





Clementine season is ending soon! Korea has many types of clementines but I can’t keep the names straight. So I’ve created a little family tree of just a few of the types I’ve seen at the grocery. The big ones tend to be pretty pricey but typical mandarines are pretty cheap. In the end, I think I like the small clementines the best but it’s fun to try the bigger ones too.

みかんの季節は後もう少し… 寂しいね。韓国はみかんの種類が豊富で覚えきれないので系図を描いてみました!これはスーパーや八百屋でよく見る種類です。大きい種類は結構高めだけど普通の小さいみかんは安い。私は普通のみかんが一番好きかも。でも大きいのを試すのも楽しい。来年の冬はチェジュ島行きかな?!




When I was young, my family frequently ate curry. We always used JAVA hot and my mom would add bay leaf, clover, and cinnamon for a deeper taste. I loved my mom’s curry so much I would eat 2 servings. It probably led to my weight gain during middle school… In high school, I would eat it with quinoa since it was lighter than rice. Since college, I now make my own curry. I was worried it would taste different, but with the spices it’s pretty much the same!

*java box instructions