sweet boule


sweet boule

I still haven’t properly learned to make bread, but after I came back from Japan, I got into a baking craze and tried making sweet boule, a soft bread with a cookie custard on top. I still have a long way to go.







Lately I’ve been in a baking mode again. I bought a madeleine tray in Tokyo during the winter and decided to finally make use of it. I wish I bought a larger tray though, 6 isn’t enough to do at once! I always heard madeleines are hard to make, but I think using a nonstick pan really helps. The warm water bath is annoying but I think it makes a difference in texture. I recommend mixing in green tea powder and maybe next time I should try soybean… Madeleines really make good small gifts too!



apple yogurt cake


I’ve always been more of a baker since I was little. But the funny thing was that I could never bake pre-made baking mixes – they always turned out bad. I remember my cousin and I tried to use a brownie mix and they came out rock hard! But whenever I baked from scratch, the outcome was tasty.

My mom isn’t a frequent baker but the desserts she made were always easy and delicious. One of her repeat recipes for pot luck parties was an apple yogurt cake. It’s very moist and the apples add a nice soft crunch. I’ve since baked this cake countless of times and it’s always popular with everyone. Instead of regular yogurt, I use greek yogurt to add more density. Even if you use regular yogurt, straining the water overnight should have a similar texture.



sweet potato


sweet potato

Sweet potato season is probably ending soon. We recently bought a lot of sweet potatoes from a lady with a sweet potato truck. And now I need to find some recipes to use up the pile. Steamed, boiled, baked potatoes are good but can get tiring after awhile. As much as I like sweet potato breads and cookies, they don’t use up a lot at once.

Here’s a simple quick recipe that’s easy and popular for dinner parties.







I didn’t help my mom often in the kitchen when I was little, but the one time I did was when we made pancakes. I think we used pancake mix back then but now it’s from scratch. We rarely make pancakes anymore but when a friend sleeps over pancakes is always for breakfast. Sometimes I like to arrange by putting in bananas or chocolate chips.  Since pancakes are so easy to make, I rarely order it but if it’s a souffle type or special sauce, I will try it.

I also noticed most people pour maple syrup over their pancakes but I like to cut first and dip. I think this might be a division like a do you mix your curry first or not.




banana bread


banana bread*

Last week many things happened. I successfully applied for my student visa and started language school! To celebrate, I made banana bread!


While I was in Japan, my foodie partner bought bananas and they were finally all brown. Perfect for banana bread. This recipe is my favourite and go-to banana bread recipe. It has a very moist texture as long as you use 3 bananas (or 4 small ones). I’m rarely impressed with banana breads at bakeries or cafes because I find them too cake-y or not banana-y enough. So far I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like my banana bread and luckily my foodie partner did too. It’s a pretty quick and easy recipe so I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do!

*family recipe
not really, it came from somewhere but I don’t know anymore
also, don’t over mix after you add the flour!
leave a comment if you have questions about the recipe






sweet potato pound cake


sweet potato pound cake

In early November, my foodie partner and I went to a huge conventional market in Seoul. It was overwhelming with the people and amount of stalls. One section was vegetables and fish, then meat, another roots and herbal ingredients, with fruit in the back. We ate lunch there too which was delicious and fresh but that’s another story. Back to our grocery shopping! In the end, we didn’t buy a lot because it was difficult to decide which vendor to buy from. But we purchased seasonal chestnuts, sweet potato, a huge bag of dried squid and purple sweet potato chips! I can’t wait to go again and try the fruit!

The stall for the chestnuts had a chestnut peeling machine and the lady gave us freshly peeled chestnut to try after peeling ours. I was skeptical at first but the raw chestnut tasted sweet! For the sweet potatoes, the owner had 3 different types. We bought the normal type but she gave us a couple of the other types as service. One of the sweet potatoes ended up being not that sweet and not fitting for baked sweet potato.

With these seasonal ingredients, I wanted to bake some sweets! The chestnuts turned into marron paste and marron glace. It was my first time though, so I still need more practice. With the sweet potato, I decided to make a pound cake instead of the usual sweet potato only cake. I mixed in a sweet potato cream paste with the hope of a marble effect. The cream was too soft which made the pound cake weak but still tasted delicious!