mentaiko pasta


mentaiko pasta

I actually like pasta but I can’t eat it often because of my stomach. When I do, one of my favorite pasta sauces is mentaiko sauce. It’s a classic Japanese style pasta sauce and very simple to make. As long as you have mentaiko! Or you can always buy the pasta sauce package. But I’m not sure how westerners will take to it though…




simmered eggs & radish


simmered eggs & radish

I wonder why I made this… I must have a lot of radish to use up. Or maybe my foodie partner was having a bad stomach day and I wanted to make something easy to digest. Anyways, it was a good easy classic simmered Japanese dish. Feels hearty but not heavy. Probably more of a fall/winter food rather than in this warm weather though.



fried rice


When I feel like the dinner menu I planned is lacking, I make fried rice for my foodie partner. Or if I’m lazy, his lunch will be fried rice.  Of course I can’t make the perfect consistency like a chinese restaurant, but I think I’ve gotten it down so it tastes pretty good. I also have a magic condiment called tori gara (chicken) soup base! I buy a msg free one so it’s not msg either.  My other trick is mixing the rice with mayo too. Of course, if you’re on a diet, not the best to do. But helps make the rice less sticky.





When I was young, my family frequently ate curry. We always used JAVA hot and my mom would add bay leaf, clover, and cinnamon for a deeper taste. I loved my mom’s curry so much I would eat 2 servings. It probably led to my weight gain during middle school… In high school, I would eat it with quinoa since it was lighter than rice. Since college, I now make my own curry. I was worried it would taste different, but with the spices it’s pretty much the same!

*java box instructions




spicy pork spaghetti


spicy pork spaghetti

Whenever I travel, the week before is always spent trying to use up food in the fridge. Before my parents arrival and the following 2 week trip to Japan, it was a fight against the clock to finish using anything that would go bad. I also had to make something that would be substantial enough for my foodie partner’s dinner. Chives, onions, with some minced meat in the freezer… what to make? After scouring cookpad (a popular Japanese shared recipe site), I found something easy and yummy! It was a big hit and the chives didn’t go bad!

Unfortunately, when I returned yesterday, I found our clementines were in a shocking state…green mold!




braised mackerel


braised mackerel
sauce adapted from this blog

I first tried this dish when I visited Korea in the winter at a seafood restaurant. The fish was so soft in melted in my mouth! It was one of the best seafood dishes I’ve eaten here. I thought it was difficult to make but my foodie partner asked me to make it for dinner one night. After reluctantly looking up the recipe, I realized it was quite easy to make. The only hard part is that, it needs to be simmered for a long time to achieve the melty softness. I still haven’t been able to simmer it long enough but third time’s the charm?