sticky ricky


Since it opened last spring, I’ve been keeping an eye on Sticky Ricky for it’s American style ice cream. But it’s location was awkwardly close but far from my home so I never had a chance to check it out. Luck would have it, one day we ate lunch nearby so I dragged S for ice cream after. The owner is from Pennsylvania and makes Philadelphia style ice cream which means no eggs. The flavors are very unique such as kochuchang chocolate, honey butter chips. That week was a limited time speculoos using my favorite TJ speculoos butter! Portions are very generous and the ice cream is very sticky like the name. Personally as a New Englander, I realized I prefer the creamy ice cream from back home. Still, I think many expats looking for a taste of home will appreciate this place.

去年の春に開いたアメリカ風アイスクリーム屋のSticky Rickyは前から訪ねてみたかったけど、場所が微妙に近いけど遠いのでなかなか行けずにいました。たまたまある日近くでお昼を食べたのでS君を連れてやっと食べに行きました。店主は元ペンシルベニア出身でフィリースタイルの卵無しのアイスクリームを作っています。種類は変わっていて、コチュジャンチョコレートやはちみつバターチップスなど。その週は限定の好きだったトレジョのスペキュラースバターを使ったスペキュラース味!量は多めで店の名前のようにネバネバしてます。個人的にニューイングランダーとしてはやっぱりクリーミーなアイスクリームが好きなのを気づきました。でもアメリカ人にはここの懐かしいアイスを食べたら故郷を思い出すと思います。


blue room


The day after our wedding, S and I spent a last few hours with my parents after sending everyone else off to the airport. After lunch, we took a walk around changdeokgung but with the chilly autumn breeze decided to rest in a cafe. Changdeokgung is right near daehakro which literally means university street. The area is full of cafes, bars, and restaurants for college kids. I found a minimal looking cafe called Blue Room and we headed there. The interior feels a bit in progress with fold out tables but the earl grey cake and milk tea tasted light but sophisticated. If you’re in the area looking to take a break, this is a nice quiet space.

結婚式の後日、みんなをホテルから見送った後、S君と一緒に両親と最後の数時間を過ごしました。お昼ご飯を食べ、昌徳宮で散歩したら秋の冷たい風のせいで近場のカフェで休むことにしました。昌徳宮は大学路の近くで、大学生行きつけのカフェやバーがたくさん。ミニマルなカフェ、Blue roomをネットで見つけそこに行くことにしました。カフェは折りたたみテーブルなどで準備中感はあるが、アールグレイケーキとミルクティーは上品な味でした。大学路で休憩が必要なら、いい静かなカフェです。

dangwa sangsa


One night we walked over to the next station after dinner and decided to take a dessert break in the area. I had noticed this cafe many times from the car and was always curious with the cute logo. The cafe had a variety of interesting named coffees and a few cakes. Unfortunately no strawberry short cake that day, so I went with the hershey chocolate cake. It had a bit of a mousse like texture but I’m not a big fan of chocolate cake. The next door seating space felt a bit cold with the minimal furniture but what I like best about this place is the branding and goods they sell.


cafe naha


Happy New Year everyone!

As promised, I have returned with a new setup for this blog. I’ve decided to focus on desserts since that’s really one of my favorite foods. I’m making the drawings simpler too. I hope you like this new format.

In the fall S and I went to the hip mangwon area to look for a dinner place and stumbled across this cafe off the main street. The interior reminded me of a kissaten in Japan and it’s menu is Japanese food based as well. We ate dinner here but I also tried the fig smoothie. It was very thick and not so sweet. I really liked the atmosphere here and the teishoku style menu. I wouldn’t mind going again for a low key meal.




july – august


I’m back for a moment but it might be awhile until I update again. It’s been busy lately with some other freelance jobs and concentrating on illustration work. I’m thinking about changing the style of this blog to include more about my life in Seoul and not only food. As much as I love food, we don’t eat out as often and my dinner menu is repetitive lately.

But here are some eats over the summer. A couple of western restaurants and of course, dessert! The second half of summer was pretty uneventful. No travels, not events… I did finish my language school over at Hongdae. But with the end of the summer, things were full with wedding prep, translation, and art market prep. Most of that has quieted down and now I’m re-evaluating this blog and preparing for something bigger! Stay tuned and hopefully I’ll have an update very soon.



passion 5

My love for sweets took us to a large dessert cafe in Itaewon. This place is filled with rows and rows of different cakes and chocolates and sweet breads. After choosing the cakes, we went upstairs to grab a seat. But this was a big mistake. Since it was proper seating area, we had to each buy a drink with the cheapest at about $8! I chose ice hot chocolate which came with actual melted chocolate to pour in milk and ice. It was ok… maybe regular hot chocolate would have been better. For the cakes, the gateaux noir was pretty good. But the banana was too strong for the pistachio banana cake. I couldn’t taste the pistachio at all! Even though there were a lot of dessert options, I don’t know if I would go back here. I think I could find something better nearby.


l. bean

When we headed to gangneung, we originally planned to do a temple stay at odesan. In the end, we only stopped by the temple and took a walk nearby before heading to the beach. The mountains full of evergreen pine trees and the cool beach air reminded me of back home. The curvy back rides through the mountain wasn’t so fun though as the passenger.

We checked out a funky/creepy art museum & sculpture park and walked the beach nearby before we finally found a hotel. The beach in the city center is lined with cafes so we decided to head there after eating dinner. We were hoping to eat sashimi since it’s a beach town, but surprisingly there were few to be found. When we arrived at the beach, the street was literally cafe after cafe. I satisfied my daily sweet craving with a pumpkin tart at the popular L. Bean cafe. After attempting fireworks at the beach we headed back to the hotel. On the way, I spotted a discount ice cream store and ended up buying one for 40 cents (!) to eat at 10pm.

The next morning we had breakfast at the original Tera Rosa before heading to the only hot springs in Korea at Seollaksan. It was a fun trip and the fresh clean air and small town was a nice change from the polluted city air. Next time will probably be another beach town farther south.




highway rest stop

mogumogu_070817.jpgWow, summer has really flown by. I keep getting distracted with other things and haven’t managed to update this blog regularly.

At the beginning of July, we finally took a trip outside of Seoul towards the east of the country’s capital. Since it’s only takes about 2 hours, we decided to drive so we could also check out the highway rest stops. Unlike the US, highway rest stops are fancier with clean food courts and street food type snacks. Also, my favorite hodugwaja (red bean sweets that are shaped like walnuts)! Unfortunately, we didn’t see any crazy rest stops with a water fountain or playground but I was able to eat some delicious hodugwaja.

You have to be careful though. On our first try, the hodugwaja wasn’t freshly made, so the bread didn’t have a toasted crunch anymore. On our second try… just what I was looking for! The food court options weren’t as great this time so maybe on our next road trip we’ll have better luck!




cold recipe

The area north of Hongdae is up and coming with a large foreigners super market. After a failed naengmyung lunch, we decided to walk around the area a bit before heading to Jamsil. Supposedly there are a lot of cafes and bakeries but they were all a bit far from where we were. I was about to give up on dessert when suddenly an ice cream store appeared in front of us.

We had walked this street last year but I never noticed this store before. It was a small cozy artisan type ice cream store with some classic and unusual flavors. The options were few but a good amount of sorbets for my foodie partner. I tried a matcha cream cheese (I think?) flavor which I didn’t like. So I went with peanut butter chocolate chip and my foodie partner with grapefruit. It was very smooth with a strong flavor. My foodie partner was satisfied with his choice too. If only we had a place like this near our apartment!



thai man

A couple of months ago, my foodie partner’s high school friend opened a thai restaurant in the southern side of Seoul. We finally decided to take the trip across the river to say hello and try his food. The menu is small but with good options especially for lunch. I ordered the basil pork rice, my foodie partner beef pho, and we shared the shrimp croquette. The food wasn’t too greasy or salty. My foodie partner is pretty picky when it comes to pho soup, but he was impressed. We also tried the thai iced tea and were surprised it wasn’t sickly sweet like how it usually is.

Unfortunately, the location is pretty out of the way for us to visit often, but it’s a solid place if you work nearby, or are looking for lunch with friends in the near the gangnam area.



eulji myeon oak

Again, it’s been awhile to update. After coming back from Japan, I still had a week before school started. My foodie partner took a Friday off and after taking care of some business in the Euljiro area, we headed off to eat lunch at his late grandfather’s favourite naengmyeon restaurant. Since it was a weekday lunch, the line was already long with office people but within 15 minutes, we were seated and waiting for our cold noodles. Similar to eulmidae the broth is light and the noodles soft. It was very refreshing on a hot day. Almost a week later, we ended up going again for dinner when we were in the area.

I’m still not a big naengmyeon fan, but in the summer it definitely helps when you’re too hot to think of what to eat.




sweet boule


sweet boule

I still haven’t properly learned to make bread, but after I came back from Japan, I got into a baking craze and tried making sweet boule, a soft bread with a cookie custard on top. I still have a long way to go.